Please find the latest updated District  report  from Cllr Julia Judd. It provides us with some useful local information some of which, villagers may already be aware. To access the report, Click Here

This page has been set up to provide local updates on the Virus, but specifically shared experiences within the Village and what people are doing. With children who are no longer at school in mind, we might share ideas as to how village parents can entertain the children and shortly there will be a Village Quiz that can be undertaken around the village but, (with social distancing and being contactless, kept in mind), run at different times so that people do not congregate together. Other ideas are very welcome, but more importantly, the page just might be a useful 'Suggestions and shared experiences/ideas" portal. If you have any suggestions, or have anything to contribute or help to give or require help then please Contact us.


As of this month face coverings became mandatory in the following locations:
Auction Houses
Bingo Halls
Community Centres
Concert Halls
Funeral Directors
Indoor Entertainment Venues (amusement Arcades, Funfairs, Adventure Activities E.g. Laser Quest, Go-karting, Escape Rooms, Heritage Sites Etc)
Libraries and Public Reading Rooms
Massage Centres
Museums, Galleries, Aquariums, Indoor Zoos or Visitor Farms, or Other Indoor Tourist, Heritage or Cultural Sites
Nail, Beauty, Hair Salons and Barbers – Other Than Where Necessary to Remove for Treatments
Place of Worship
Premises Providing Professional, Legal or Financial Services
Public Areas in Hotels and Hostels
Social Clubs
Storage and Distribution Facilities
Tattoo and Piercing Parlours
Veterinary Services

This is in addition to a number of existing places where coverings are mandatory across England, which include:

NHS Buildings
Banks, Building Societies, and Post Offices (including Credit Unions, Short-term Loan Providers, Savings Clubs and Money Service Businesses)
Indoor Shopping Centres
Indoor Transport Hubs (Airports, Rail and Tram Stations and Terminals, Maritime Ports and Terminals, Bus and Coach Stations and Terminals)

Public Transport
Shops and Supermarkets (Places which are open to the public and that wholly or mainly offer goods or services for retail sale or hire)

If you have any pictures relating to what you are doing during this period and would like to share, then please send them to us through the Contact us page

Page last updated & Checked Tuesday 22/09/2020.

September Newsletter from Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner 

​​With crisp autumn weather around the corner and children heading back to school – we are firmly into September.

With that, of course, comes the latest 'In Tandem' newsletter from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire.

So, grab a coffee and take a few moments to discover which of our new staff is a former Opera singer almost sold for 25 camels; take a look around our new state-of-the-art police training academy with a rather unusual name; and find out how Gloucestershire has gone green with its new fleet of electric police vehicles.

You can download the newsletter 

CoronaVirus & Brimpsfield  No new updates today - last update 12th September. 

(Most recent updates are directly below the introductory paragraph)

Theft of Farming Equipment

On Friday 4th September 2020 unknow offenders have entered a shed near Coberley buy moving objects aside to gain access, once inside the shed the offenders have stolen farm equipment, but caused no damage. The equipment that was taken was a sheep shearer and electric fence posts.

Please make sure all your sheds are secure and all farming equipment is secure too. Also keep a record of all serial numbers of your equipment with photographs.

Many thanks

PCSO Andy Biddell

Message Sent By
Andrew Biddell (Police, PCSO, Cotswolds)

Are You Shopping Online?

Have you bought anything online recently?…
Almost 34% of all retail sales during May 2020 were carried out online, and new research suggests that only 16% of UK consumers intend to return to their old shopping habits post-lockdown.

Online shopping fraud during lockdown
Action Fraud, the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cyber crime, received over 16,000 reports relating to online shopping and auction fraud during the lockdown, with losses totalling over £16m. Members of the public have reported buying mobile phones (19%), vehicles (22%), electronics (10%) such as games consoles, AirPods and MacBooks , and footwear (4%) on sites such as eBay (18%), Facebook (18%), Gumtree (10%) and Depop (6%), only to have the items never arrive. 

Top tips for shopping online securely:
Choosing where to shop:
If you’re making a purchase from a company or seller you don’t know and trust, carry out some research first. For example, by checking to see if others have used the site and what their experience was.

Email accounts:
Use a strong, separate password for your email account. Criminals can use 
your email to access other online accounts, such as those you use for online shopping.

Scam messages:
Some of the emails or texts you receive about amazing offers may contain links to fake websites. Not all links are bad, but if you’re unsure don't use the link, go separately to the website. And remember, if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. 

Payment method:
If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, use a credit card if you have one as other payment providers may not provide the same protection.

What to do if you’ve fallen victim to online shopping fraud
We all make mistakes and these days the scams can be incredibly convincing.
If you think you’ve visited, or made a purchase on, a bogus website, you should first, take a note of the website's address, then close down your internet browser. You should then report the details to Action Fraud and contact your bank to seek advice.
Whether you've been a victim of fraud will depend on how much information you’ve provided to the website, so keep an eye on your bank transactions, if you can. Contact your bank immediately about anything that you don’t recognise, even small amounts.

For more information about how to stay safe online, please visit

Our 'busy' police concerned about people parking on pavements!


Bank Holiday Traffic has caused congestion again in Bibury and Bourton-on-the-Water. both villages have been patrolled and cars obstructing pavements and driveways have   been ticketed . 6 cars in Bourton ( Two moved by owner to prevent issue of a ticket) 15 cars in Bibury where a whole pavement was blocked on the road into the village. This   caused traffic flow to slow to almost a standstill. Officers from Cirencester and Stow attended to alleviate the problems.
 Sorry for those who have had difficulties phoning in on 101 as there has been a very high demand today and calls have taken a lot longer to answer. Consider reporting any   issues you may have on our website." target="_blank">

Many thanks
PC 2201 Nick Westmacott