Are you willing to be a member of the Village Hall Committee?

We hope that you will all have had the opportunity of taking part in some of the activities that the Village Hall Committee has put on and we would like to have more people join us to share ideas and skills, helping us with the long term goal of building a new Village Hall that will be a hub of the Community of Brimpsfield providing many facilities for villagers of all ages. If you are interested in helping out then contact any of the existing Committee members or just come along to our next meeting.

Village Events

Programme for 2020

Brimpsfield Players Annual Show – Friday 7th and Saturday 8th February

Jazz Evening – Saturday 7th March 2020 at 8.00 pm

Fish and Chips night – Friday 24th July - 5pm to 8pm

Posh Car Boot Sale – Cancelled
​Autumn BBQ - Sunday 6th September

Carols around the (Village) Christmas tree - Saturday 19th December (Subject to Covid restrictions) 

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Welcome to what is information surrounding the Village hall with some information of other events within the Community. 

Some Background:

The first Village hall (which is owned by the village of Brimpsfield and run by the Trustees of the Charity of Brimpsfield Village Hall) was built in its current location in 1928 and was previously an old army hut. That hall was replaced in 1964 with the present building. Much hard work, (and funds) have been put into maintaining the building over the years with replacement PVC windows and a new kitchen added thanks to volunteer help and donations.

Short, medium and long term goals and aims:

A new Village Hall Committee was formed at the beginning of 2015 – a list of members of the current Committee is given above. In the short term, after a number of years when the hall was running at a loss as expenditure was greater than the income, the financial position has been addressed. We feel that it is vital that we are financially viable, whilst maintaining an asset that is for and at the heart of our Community; an asset that is both affordable and accessible to all. The opening of the Wheelers Bar - a first in the history of Brimpsfield - in 2016 has helped the financial situation. (The bar is named in memory of Dab and Roger Wheeler who left a generous bequest to the Village hall in their wills).

One of the reasons for the poor financial position was that the hall had been under-used, so the medium term aim was increase the number of events held in and around the Village hall. 2020 events are listed above. We are keen to receive other suggestions or ideas as to what you wish to see happening in the hall.

Of course, the hall is old and expensive to run, especially in terms of heating. The building is not energy efficient and is increasingly difficult to maintain to an acceptable standard. The long term aim was to rebuild the hall and after consultation with the local community, a Planning Application for a new Village Hall was submitted in May 2017 and was subsequently granted. 

Building a new hall will take a lot of effort as well as money, but will be a greater asset to us all and enable us to do far more things for many more people and of all ages. As members of the Community if you have any ideas, skills or contacts that would help us in this endeavour then please contact any Committee Member


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 Temporarily suspended during 'Lockdown'

Thank you for volunteering to join the rota. If You need to change your bar duty, or have arranged a swap with someone, PLEASE let Roger Lock know so that it can be amended on the website 

The next Village Hall Committee Meeting (AGM) will be on ........

New rules on the use of the Village Hall car park - Click Here

A Photo taken at the enjoyable Jazz evening in the Village Hall on Saturday 7th March

Wheelers Bar, as a result of the current (Coronavirus) restrictions is currently closed until further notice.