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A birthday card I drew for my Dad inspired from my Brimpsfield iris.

Pictures from the Garden Society's talk and class on Willow weaving held on Saturday 7th December

These photos were sent in by Emily & Erin Dee and have their own captions:

The Brimpsfield & Mid-Cotswold Garden Society, founded in 1971, serves the villages in the area between Gloucester and Cirencester.  As well as our annual Show, we organise occasional outings for members, a spring plant sale and a summer garden party and hold winter meetings with a horticultural theme and a strong social element.  Members benefit from a discount at Dundry Nurseries, Staverton and can take advantage of significantly reduced prices through our bulk order with Dobies Seeds.
We aim to be a friendly society and we welcome anyone with an interest, however general, in gardens and gardening.

Contact the Secretary, Frances Ellery  for further information - Tel: 01452 862412 or email: 

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The second (below) is a photo of what Jan Evans has been doing - entitled "The veggie patch is for once looking quite organised!" 


Have you been growing from seed this year? Remember that, with many plants, you can save your own seed to sow next year. This is a good time of year to look for suitable seed pods – usually ones that are turning brown – and pick them, dry them off and take out the seeds. With seed pods that tend to spring open too readily, put a paper bag over them when you pick to catch the seeds. Dry the seed-heads, or loose seed, in a warm dry place for a few days, shake seed-heads or pods over a sheet of paper or a shallow dish, and separate the seeds from the chaff (bits of pod, stem and other debris) which can cause storage problems if left in with the seeds. Some seed can be sown immediately – it isn’t too late for some plants – or stored for use next year, in a paper bag or envelope in a cool place.​

A Report (& pictures) on the Garden Society Outing to Daglingworth House from Jan Evans

The sun shone for us whilst we enjoyed a visit to the delightful gardens of Daglingworth House. The owners, David and Etta Howard, are more than keen gardeners, and we enjoyed a private escorted tour with Etta providing informative detail, ably supported by her gardener Bill. The two acre garden included a walled garden, temple, grotto, herbaceous borders, with the pond and cascade adding to the features of this lovely garden. A sunken garden and reflective pool are new projects being worked on during our visit, and I look forward to seeing it completed in the near future.

An Interesting Piece on the Women's Land Army From Jan Evans:

​​VE Day 75th Anniversary
As a group of passionate gardeners, I wonder how much many of us know about the British Women’s Land Army. With the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, it seems a fitting tribute to acknowledge their efforts to fuel the nation. 

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Making use of some use of some drink and washing powder containers-plus an old shower rack. I’ve since painted the metal and it looks a bit nice. 

It was suggested by Jan Evans that we put on the webpage a gallery of photos of what gardening we've been doing in lockdown and are proud of, with some explanatory text.

The first of these is a photo of what Frances has been doing - entitled 'Frances has been sowing seeds'.

This is a ladder I bought 2nd hand and painted it to make a nice pot stand. A neighbour left me a tiny pot with a Sweetcorn seedling on my car one evening, when we were clapping for the keyworkers. 1st time I’ve ever had one in my garden, it has since turned purple/red. I’ve learned that it may have too much sugar. Maybe I shouldn’t have planted it In the same pot with beans?

My first ever white radish. 

The Brimpsfield and Mid-Cotswold Garden Society is a member of the Gloucestershire Federation of Garden Societies and to find out more, click on the link below.

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