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A collection of photographs from this year's Village Show - Click Here

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Thanks to Martin Smith for his hard work in drawing together a Brimpsfield Village Map that is displayed on this website with a copy on the Village noticeboard and in the Telephone Kiosk.

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Brimpsfield is a village in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds, nestling between Gloucester - (9 miles), Cirencester - (9 miles) and Cheltenham - (7 miles). It prides itself on being a village community (with its own Celtic stone circle) and is inclusive of all, both young and old. There are 84 dwellings in the village with a population of approx 221 and in recent years Brimpsfield has 'grown' by the influx of young families with their children (and animals!) whilst enjoying the support and care of the more established members of the community.  For a fuller history of Brimpsfield please Click here
Close-by is the village of Birdlip and frequently the two communities, (Brimpsfield & Birdlip), come together to share & enjoy events.  There is always something going on, whether an organised community event or a drink at the village Hall's 'Wheelers' bar every Friday evening from 6.30 pm.​​​​.

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The road between Backlains and Birdlip will be closed for 11 days (Tuesday 26th May until Friday 5th June).


​It is always gratifying to receive contributions to the website from villagers and these are particularly welcome at this time when we all need cheering up, but without removing the underlying seriousness of the current situation.


Cotswold District Council has announced that fortnightly garden waste collections will restart from Wednesday 13 May.
Collections will be operating to the published collection schedule (see calendar);
The service is available to all customers who hold 2019/20 garden waste licence(s)
We will only collect what is in the CDC garden waste bins and bags
No side waste will be accepted;
Crew safety means we cannot collect significantly overloaded bins;
There will be no additional or catch-ups for collections;
Existing licences have been extended and we will process renewals in June
Cllr Doherty, added: “We are anticipating a risk that we may not always be able to collect from all properties on their scheduled day. In these circumstances, we advise residents to leave their bins presented until they have been emptied, which should be the next day.”

For News On the Phased reopening of Household Recycling Centres

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(Courtesy of 'Must I repeat myself .... Unpublished letters to the Daily Telegraph)

Thugby vs yob-ball

Sir - Following Arsenal Football Club, as I do, is about as relaxing as being a Jesuit in Elizabethan England. 

Mike Humphries.  Barton-on-Sea, Hampshire

In order to keep the website alive and relevant we would welcome news items and in particular photographs so that the Brimpsfield Community can keep itself abreast of what is going on in the village. The website receives over 2000 'hits' each month. 

If you have anything to offer  - please contact us (with any attachments) at:


A plea to dog-walkers in the village  to clear up after their dogs - something that should always be done, but particularly at this time when young families are out walking and taking exercise and when we all need to heighten our hygiene standards in general. There is no excuse for not clearing up as the Parish Council has provided sufficient dog bins that are regularly emptied. 

THIS IS A MUST WATCH (Skip the Ads) Click Here

​Theft of Defibrillator

Coronavirus in Brimpsfield

A NEW PAGE on this website has been set up to provide local updates on the Virus, but specifically shared experiences within the Village and what people are doing. Ideas are very welcome, but more importantly, the page just might be a useful 'Suggestions and shared experiences/ideas" portal. To access the page Click here.

Snow in Brimpsfield.

Page last updated & Checked Tuesday 26/05/2020.

DID YOU KNOW..........?

.....that the Village possesses a heavy duty petrol strimmer for the use of Villagers, purchased by the Brimpsfield Charitable Trust. If you would like to borrow it please contact Martin Smith - tel 01452 863247.

New Alert 12/12/2019

A page has been created to alert you to those crime and potential crime issues that previously were recorded by Neighbourhood Watch.

Click here to access new alerts.

To view aerial Pictures of Brimpsfield taken by Ashleigh Denman as she flew over the village in a helicopter last week click here.

THE BRIMPSFIELD VILLAGE BAR, (Wheelers) as a result of Coronavirus will be closed until further notice, but  is normally open every Friday from 6.30 pm. 

Once the restrictions are changed and the Bar is re-opened then you are welcome to come and enjoy good company and sample our guest draught beer, or a Baileys and Mulled Wine.

Free internet - wi-fi access available​
(Donations towards the wi-fi are welcome, but not compulsory)


​There is an argument that we should not report our potholes in and around the village to slow down the 'rat-runners however if you wish to report pot holes please Click here 

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 As was foreshadowed in the April Magazine, it has been decided not to print and distribute hard copies at least for May and   probably onwards for a bit.

 The magazine can be accessed from the end of this month on the web and the instructions are:

 Go to the Home page of the Benefice website: 
https://erminwestbenefice.org.uk . There is a box marked Parish Connections   which shows copies of the Front Cover of magazine, the current one and the previous two.  Click on the cover of the   Magazine you wish to read and you will be taken to the electronic version of the magazine.