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The course is open to all and useful knowledge for those of us who own dogs even if we don’t work with dogs as part of our employment. 
The Cost of the course is £49.50 and the course gives you a qualification certificate and is CPD accredited. 
Please ring Sophy if you would like further information

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Village Map for your information

Thanks to Martin Smith for his hard work in drawing together a Brimpsfield Village Map that is displayed on this website with a copy on the Village noticeboard and in the Telephone Kiosk.

Richard Shelley has kindly added the 

GPS coordinates to aid delivery drivers and How to use them

NB - Owners' names are not be displayed


Pictures from the village Bank Holiday BBQ

To view aerial Pictures of Brimpsfield taken by Ashleigh Denman as she flew over the village in a helicopter last week click here.

DID YOU KNOW..........?

.....that the Village possesses a heavy duty petrol strimmer for the use of Villagers, purchased by the Brimpsfield Charitable Trust. If you would like to borrow it please contact Martin Smith - tel 01452 863247.


Brimpsfield is a village in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds, nestling between Gloucester - (9 miles), Cirencester - (9 miles) and Cheltenham - (7 miles). It prides itself on being a village community (with its own Celtic stone circle) and is inclusive of all, both young and old. There are 84 dwellings in the village with a population of approx 221 and in recent years Brimpsfield has 'grown' by the influx of young families with their children (and animals!) whilst enjoying the support and care of the more established members of the community.  For a fuller history of Brimpsfield please Click here
Close-by is the village of Birdlip and frequently the two communities, (Brimpsfield & Birdlip), come together to share & enjoy events.  There is always something going on, whether an organised community event or a drink at the village Hall's 'Wheelers' bar every Friday evening from 6.30 pm.​​​​.

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12+ HOUR FORECAST/Outlook: Sunny and a moderate breeze with a high of 23 degrees.

LONGER RANGE FORECAST - Sunny on Saturday but rain and unsettled weather thereafter and becoming cooler.


MOON PHASE: Last Quarter  

.As the BBC weather website is highly unreliable it could be anything - just look out of the window and get some seaweed!!!​

September's Gardening Tips and Show trophies list together with some pictures from the Annual Garden Society's Show       

Go to the Garden Society's page

We hope that you will find this site useful. The website currently has now over 1500 'hits' per  month so why not, if you have a service to offer/advertise  e.g gardening, chimney sweeping, cleaning etc. in Brimpsfield why not advertise with us rather than waste money elsewhere and save money.Please contact us.

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Number of people who have visited this website so far this month (September) = 920 - (last month August: 1571)

In order to keep the website alive and relevant we would welcome news items and in particular photographs so that the Brimpsfield Community can keep itself abreast of what is going on in the village. The website receives over 2000 'hits' each month. 

If you have anything to offer  - please contact us (with any attachments) at: 


​There is an argument that we should not report our potholes in and around the village to slow down the 'rat-runners however if you wish to report pot holes please Click here 

Snow in Brimpsfield.


Parish Council Meeting - Tuesday 17th September 7.30 pm Brimpsfield Village Hall

Brimpsfield Village Hall Committee Meeting - Tuesday 17th September 7.15 The Coach House

Welcome to Brimpsfield Letter.​​

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New Alert 08/07/2019

A page has been created to alert you to those crime and potential crime issues that previously were recorded by Neighbourhood Watch.

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Useful tips?

THE BRIMPSFIELD VILLAGE BAR, (Wheelers) is open every Friday from 6.30 pm

Come and enjoy good company and sample our guest draught beer and now tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

Free internet - wi-fi access available​
(Donations towards the wi-fi are welcome, but not compulsory)

Would you like to be added to the mailing list for Village Events and other information?

If so, please contact us with your email details.

Saturday  28th September 2019 – 7.30 PM

At Brimpsfield Village Hall

A variety of dishes, including vegetarian options
Fun and games
Wheeler’s Bar will be open
Tickets £ 5.00

Tickets can be pre-bought at the Village Hall bar (Friday evenings)

Please pre-book your tickets at

Please buy / reserve your tickets early, so we can organise enough food for everyone

The latest edition (October) of the Birdlip & Brimpsfield WI newsletter and information on the WI.

Click here for the W.I Page​​