​There is an argument that we should not report our potholes in and around the village to slow down the 'rat-runners however if you wish to report pot holes please Click here 

June 2018 edition of the Birdlip & Brimpsfield WI newsletter and new information on the WI.

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To view aerial Pictures of Brimpsfield taken by Ashleigh Denman as she flew over the village in a helicopter last week click here.

DID YOU KNOW..........?

.....that the Village possesses a heavy duty petrol strimmer for the use of Villagers, purchased by the Brimpsfield Charitable Trust. If you would like to borrow it please contact Martin Smith - tel 01452 863247.




CURRENT CONDITIONS: Sunny with thin cloud.


12+ HOUR FORECAST/Outlook: Continuing sunny and become much warmer 21 degrees.

LONGER RANGE FORECAST - Remaining sunny and becoming warmer into next week 


MOON PHASE: Waxing Gibbous  

THE BRIMPSFIELD VILLAGE BAR, (Wheelers) is open every Friday from 6.30 pm

Come and enjoy good company and sample our guest draught beer and now tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

Free internet - wi-fi access available​
(Donations towards the wi-fi are welcome, but not compulsory)

In order to keep the website alive and relevant we would welcome news items and in particular photographs so that the Brimpsfield Community can keep itself abreast of what is going on in the village. The website receives over 2000 'hits' each month. 

If you have anything to offer  - please contact us (with any attachments) at: 

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Question of the Day

​Sunday's question - Which American singer was born Eleanora Fagan?

Saturday's question -  The Rolls Royce radiator ornament is called 'The Spirit of .....' what? - Answer - Ecstacy

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We hope that you will find this site useful. The website currently has now over 1500 'hits' per  month so why not, if you have a service to offer/advertise  e.g gardening, chimney seeping, cleaning etc. in Brimpsfield why not advertise with us rather than waste money elsewhere and save money.Please contact us.


Brimpsfield is a village in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds, nestling between Gloucester - (9 miles), Cirencester - (9 miles) and Cheltenham - (7 miles). It prides itself on being a village community (with its own Celtic stone circle) and is inclusive of all, both young and old. There are 84 dwellings in the village with a population of approx 221 and in recent years Brimpsfield has 'grown' by the influx of young families with their children (and animals!) whilst enjoying the support and care of the more established members of the community.  For a fuller history of Brimpsfield please Click here
Close-by is the village of Birdlip and frequently the two communities, (Brimpsfield & Birdlip), come together to share & enjoy events.  There is always something going on, whether an organised community event or a drink at the village Hall's 'Wheelers' bar every Friday evening from 6.30 pm.​​​​.

Temporary footpath closure - Click here

Should you have any further queries regarding this closure, please contact the Amey Highways helpline on 08000 514 514

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On the 12th July a presentation/consultation on the 'Missing Link' was given to Parish Councillors at Elkstone village hall. A copy of that presentation can be seen here. You may be surprised to discover how far off achieving a solution to the problem we are!  

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Village Map for your information

Thanks to Martin Smith for his hard work in drawing together a Brimpsfield Village Map that is displayed on this website with a copy on the Village noticeboard and in the Telephone Kiosk.

Richard Shelley has kindly added the 

GPS coordinates to aid delivery drivers and How to use them

NB - Owners' names are not be displayed 


There has been a change in the way the Police communicate with the local community, with the old system, Watchword, being discontinued on the 1st February. It has been replaced by a new system, Community Alerts which you are able to register on directly. This has 2 advantages:

1) - you will get the emails immediately they are generated by the Police rather than when I am next at my computer as was the case with Watchword
2) you are able to tailor the type of messages you would like to receive
If you would like to continue to receive these notifications, you need to follow the link and register yourself. Once you have registered select Brimpsfield as your scheme.
Your Community Alerts :: Home

For information, our Police & Crime Commissioner has decided that he wishes to continue with the PCSO scheme. This means that Andrea Strutt remains our local PCSO.

If there is a real emergency then telephone 999

Latest E-mail on forthcoming events etc. for the Village Click here.

Snow in Brimpsfield.

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June's Gardening Tips and the May Newsletter out now - Go to the Garden Society's page


(We will add meetings that we are informed of)


Over the past two or three years a number of gates have been erected by a local landowner(s) over bridle paths and footpaths impeding and causing inconvenience to walkers and other users including horse riders of these public rights of way.

Villagers and others users are urged to be mindful of the restrictive nature and consequences of these barriers and report any fault, no matter how small, regarding stiles, stock gates, padlocked gates etc.

There are a number of websites that you might wish to report your concerns and are as follows:

The Parish Council:

The Ramblers Association: ​​

The Law & the Environment:

Or Contact us 

There will be more on this issue shortly​​

Number of people who have visited this website so far this month (June) = 859 - (last month May: 1206)

Contained in the email below, amongst other things, those who are on the current circulation are required, (under the new EU data regulations), to request to remain on the circulation list. If we do not hear from you we are required to remove you from it.  If you are not currently on the list and would like to be kept informed about village events etc., please contact us.

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